We can say that iPhone is a luxurious phone

We might call it a posh one again. As iPhone offers a wide amount of self-esteem too. From an emotional opinion, buying luxury items generally feels good because it boosts your self-esteem, dignity, satisfaction, and social status,

iPhone is a smartphone that goes with its private curriculum and circular, app store, featuring a unique user-friendly interface. Which is a major difference between Android and iPhone let me show you that,

In iOS, customizability is limited unless jailbroken. On other hand Android, we can change almost anything. So that makes Android a better option in case of satisfying own wish. But if you want security and privacy iPhone is the best way. Because you can hardly get any access to iPhone iOS.

As iOS is a sealed system whereas Android is more available. Users have rarely any system permissions on iOS but on Android, users can customize their phones handily. Android software is functional for many manufacturers such as Oppo, LG, Xiaomi, Samsung, etc.

But no one else can fabricate the iPhone rather than Steve Jobs-owned Apple inc: For this ground, it is exclusively limited to Apple devices like iPad, iPhone, Macbook, and Apple computers. Even though Apple incorporation designs and markets the phones, it does not manufacture the iPhone. Apple contracted Foxconn and Pegatron for iPhone manufacturing. This is always a costly one as they use the latest technology and materials that provide iPhone resale value.

Now we can talk about why the iPhone is still ruling the market instead of Android having all those opportunities that satisfy all our customization.

First thing first, we want visual effects and then we need to be conscious of secured service. We can get visual effects from a camera which creates a reflection of us and nature. Then we can focus on the security of our individuality and surrounding. With whom or where we don’t want our things to be displayed or open about.

So we might be limited in the exposure. In this concerning factor, we can see in comparison to Android iPhone gives us the vivid opportunity to explore. And that’s why the iPhone is still the first thing to buy if we get richer than past. In addition, We can check the model no from letters tricks with

First Letter

The first letter in the model number represents the source of the device. Currently, there are four known possible choices:


F: refurbished unit

M: retail unit

N: replacement unit

P: personalized (engraved) unit


You might wonder now is it everything good and positive about iPhone.

On this earth, nothing comes without unwanted ability. iPhone is nothing individual to that particular law.

  • Battery drain: First things first, make sure your iPhone isn’t running on overdrive. Cause the main issue with the iPhone is not having vastly time on battery health. So this one drained fast
  • Screen glitches: This one is a common issue while using iPhone. As it is made out of a sensitive screen it gets affected by a simple drop or not updating the latest version.
  • Defective volume button: now that’s a headache.
  • Water damage: As not water resistant. Till now every phone is not water resistant even so they might have water damage.
  • Overheating: While charging it creates a hit maybe in reasonable measure or much higher than a normal hit.
  • iPhone Disabled: Sometimes it gets bricks out.
  • Apps Quitting Unexpectedly: If not updated or used in long term or not they might get you in hassle.
  • iPhone Screen Broken: The glass screens are vulnerable to force. So they can be.
  • iPhone Home Button Not Working. 
  • iPhone Flashlight Disabled. 
  • iPhone Battery Replacement hassle: as battery health is a big issue replacement is a bigger issue too.
  • iPhone Lock Button issues. 


So what’s your opinion on it? Share your iPhone fantasy with us too. Let’s make a shot.